Letters to the editor

CRUEL: RSPCA Victoria is urging people not to support puppy farms by buying dogs from pet stores or off the internet this Christmas.Think twice before buying a pet this ChristmasRSPCA Victoria is calling on the community to say “No” to buying puppies and kittens from pet shops or the internet this Christmas, which in turn will be saying “No” to intensive breeders and “No” to all the people involved in the cruel puppy and kitten factory chain.

Puppy and kitten factory operatorsprepare well in advance for the Christmas market, force-breeding their dogs and cats in order to produce puppies and kittens for the unsuspecting Christmas-buying public. These breeding animals and their young will not be afforded any of the love and compassion that we associate with Christmas.

In addition to pet shops, the internet will be awash with Christmas puppies and kittens and the RSPCA urges you not to fall into the online trap – puppies and kittens sold via online classifieds are likely to have been bred in deplorable conditions in intensive breeding facilities, or by backyard breeders or even by foreign breeders who import them illegally.

This tradeincreases the likelihood of pets being abandoned, as it enables people to make quick and impulsive decisions to buy an animal without considering its background and health issues, or the long-term commitment, time and money needed to look after the animal properly.

If you are really ready for a pet, consider giving a second-chance to one of the many beautiful animals available for adoption or sponsor one of the RSPCA’s hundreds of animals that won’t have their new families over the festive season through the RSPCA’s Guardian Angel program.

You can also give a kind donation at our adoption centres across Victoria and purchase a wishing treebauble, writing your wish for the animals in our care.

The assessment process for companion animals at RSPCA shelters means that prospective owners can be assured of getting a great pet that suits their family and lifestyle.All animals are de-sexed, microchipped, vaccinated and cleared for adoption by a veterinarian and behaviourist.

For further information on how to be a responsible pet owner this festive season, please visit 老域名rspcavic.organd check out the RSPCA online smart puppy and kitten buyers guides.

Liz Walker, RSPCA Victoria animal care managerOrgan donors neededThe call is out for people to register to be an organ and tissue donor and talk to loved ones about their decision,after the latest Victorian statistics reveal a concerted effort is needed for the final weeks of the year to improveon 2014 donation numbers.

We are all striving to increase the number of life-saving transplants for seriously ill patients. More Victoriansregistering to become an organ and tissue donor can help us achieve this goal.

With close to 1600 people nationally on transplant waiting lists at any one time, the need for more organ and tissuedonors remains. We simply cannot become complacent about this life-saving community discussion. The festive seasonis a time when families come together, so now as much as ever, we’re encouraging people to talk about their donationdecision and to register.

Families will always be involved in end-of-life care of their loved one. When families are aware of the wishes of theirloved ones they are much more likely to support donation.

Research released by the Australian Organ and TissueAuthority in August shows 77 per cent of Victorians believe organ donation to be the ultimate act of generosity.

We look at every opportunity for donation as a precious gift.You are much more likely to need a life-saving transplant than you are to become a donor. If you haven’t told those closestto you that you want to be an organ donor, we urge you to do it today and register your decision on the Australian Organ Donor Register.

Dr Rohit D’Costa, DonateLife Victoria state medical directorThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 老域名.