How’s that fair? Cardiff hit out at umpires’ appeal

CARDIFF-Boolaroo president Matthew Maher said it was “ridiculous” thatDaniel McLauchlan’s off-field saga with Newcastle umpires remains unresolved.

APPEAL: Cardiff’s Daniel McLauchlan pleads for the wicket of Hamwicks batsman Sam Webber on Saturday. Picture: Jonathan Carroll.

The Newcastle District Cricket Umpires Association last week appealedthe length of the left-arm fast bowler’sfour-match ban for abuse, which occurred in October.

The appeals committee reviewed the matter onThursday, but have postponed their final judgement until Monday night.

McLauchlan returned to the field last round against Hamilton-Wickham, where he scored 72 and tookthree wickets,but he could be suspended again if the umpires’appeal is upheld.

“It’s very disappointing,” Maher said.“From our point of view he’s served his time and he’s been back [to the judiciary]and now he’llgo a third time. It’s just ridiculous.”

Asked if heexpected the former Western Australian quick to be cleared, Maher said: “We’re hopeful, but not too confident.”