Goulburn prison officers back at work after strike

Prison officers in Goulburn have returned to work after a 24 hour strike. Photo Darryl Fernance.Goulburn jail in lockdown: 24 hour strikePRISON officers at Goulburn have returned to work on Sunday morning following lengthy negotiations with management.

Chairman of the Prison Officers Vocational Branch of the PSA, Steve McMahon said his union had secured undertakings that the types of decisions that sparked Saturday’s 24-hour strike would not happen again without consultation with officers.

The Union has also scored more officers inside the jail and other visible areas to address “poor behaviour” of inmates.

“After protracted discussions, management has agreed to take action and address our concerns,” Mr McMahon said.

“Some of these measures will take time but members have voted to return to work.”

In future, there will be “zero tolerance” of inmates refusing to muster and other “defiant” behaviour.

The union was satisfied with the interim measures until the longer-term issues were thrashed out.

Some 100 members and union representatives met with Corrective Services acting regional director Ian Farquhar at the jail at 8am. Before the meeting, Mr McMahon also had lengthy discussions with assistant Commissioner for Custodial Corrections, Kevin Corcoran.

He said officers were very angry at Sunday’s gathering.

“They take their roles and their safety very seriously, as we all do. Ultimately, these types of decisions undermine their authority and put their safety at risk.”