Conference: Climate crisis or just hot air?

Broelman’s cartoon last Wednesday repeats the myth of Pacific island sea level rises, says columnist Keith Wheeler.Last Tuesday’s climate change editorial contained the cute phrase, “… denialists, seemingly made up of older men …”

I would suggest that “older men”, and quite a few older women, were at university when “global cooling” was in fashion. As weather patterns evolved, they watched as oil millionaire Al Gore popularised “global warming” as a scare campaign.

Just one column is not long enough to summarise the “global warming” saga. However, while the Paris Climate Conference is progressing, the world press has ignored the story from America’s mid-west where at least 18 people have frozen to death during a bitterly cold start to winter.

I’m disgusted that peas-in-a-pod Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Kevin Rudd, and co have pledged (to borrow!) a billion dollars to fund the $100 billion United Nations’ World Socialism bid. Perhaps they didn’t notice that the Paris “climate activists” were carrying “anti-capitalism” banners!

Australian Foreign Aid money that we once gave to close neighbours, Papua-New Guinea, Indonesia, and Pacific Islands, will now be distributed by the UN, as it sees fit.

Not all younger voters are easily led, but over-hyped and exaggerated weather reports don’t help. Last Tuesday, the first day of summer, an afternoon news reader described the Sydney temperature as a “record”, another calling it a “scorcher”, at the ABC “a mini heat wave”, when in actual fact Sydney reached only the mid-30s.

For the record, Sydney’s hottest first day of summer was in 2004 when it was 40.0 degrees. Sydney’s coldest December 1 minimum was in 1862 when the temperature only reached 10.9 degrees, the highest rainfall was in 1888, but of course those older records aren’t counted in homogenised climate calculations.Australia’s new “homogenised” records are now calculated from 1910, which avoids having to recognise the “inconvenient” record temperatures and floods recorded in the late 1800s. Records like Bourke’s 51 degrees have been removed.

Homogenisation is the “trick” mentioned in the “Climategate emails” scandal, when the scientists from East Anglia University in Britain were caught discussing how to adjust data to match their computer models.

Carbon dioxide continues to rise, but temperatures do not. While “homogenised” temperatures have been reworked to show rising temperatures, satellite readings show a near-20-year temperature hiatus.

Satellite data shows a 14 per cent increase in the amount of green vegetation on the planet since 1982, according to Richard Betts of Britain’s Met Office. Commercial greenhouses buy carbon dioxide because carbon dioxide feeds plants.

NASA has found a 14 per cent increase in global forestation and arable land since the 1970s. World food production has never been higher. Yet Q&A’s Tony Jones recently hosted alarmist Paul Ehrlich, who predicted in 1967 that, “The battle to feed humanity is over.”

Broelman’s cartoon last Wednesday repeats the myth of Pacific island sea level rises. Giff Johnson, editor of theMarshall Islands Journalpointed out that, “23 of the 27 atoll islands across Kiribati, Tuvalu and … Micronesia have increased in area or remained stable over recent decades”.

A sobering fact is that so far the Earth has warmed 0.9 degrees since pre-industrial levels. None of the predictions of alarmists such as Tim Flannery have come true – the rain is still falling and the Opera House is not under water.Young readers can be assured that the world is not about to end.

–Keith Wheeler

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