Shooting fires up former pollie

WARNING: Tim Fischer has called on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to “muscle up” its travel warnings for the United States in the wake of the latest mass shooting there that left more than a dozen people dead.AUSTRALIA’S deputy Prime Minister at the time of the Port Arthur massacre, Tim Fischer, has bemoaned the United States’s gun laws in the wake of the latest mass shooting.
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Mr Fischer, a former Riverina politician,called on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to “muscle up” its travel advice for Australians headed to the US to include warnings about guns.

“You are 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the USA per capita than in Australia,” Mr Fischer said.

He made the comment hours after 14 people were shot dead and another 21 wounded in a community centre in San Bernadino, California.

“The DFAT site is good, but it needs to muscle up for travel to the USA,” Mr Fischer said.“I simply make the point Australians should think carefully about their travel to the USA and where they go to within the USA because statistics show there have been 352 gun massacres so far this year involving four or more people.”

Mr Fischer said overseastravel warnings issued by the US Government after last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris had led to delegates cancelling plans to attend conferences in Australia.

“If they have muscled up their travel advice then it’s time we muscled up,” he said.

Mr Fischer was part of the agovernment that cracked down on gun ownership in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre which claimed the lives of 35 people in 1996.

“It was a difficult time,” Mr Fischer said.

“I will defend the rights of farmers and Wagga sporting shooters and Olympic shooters to have guns to use responsibly, but I equally feel the suburbs should be drained of automatic and semi-automatics.”

Riverina resident Diane Mortimer grew up about an hour away from San Bernadino and was shocked to hear of the massacre just a week or so after returning from a trip to the region.

Mrs Mortimer said she thought it a bit harsh to beef up travel warnings for her country of birth but is critical of the US gun laws, describing them as ridiculous.

“President Obama is on the right track and is doing all he can to reduce the number of guns, but the gun lobby is too strong and there is so much ignorance,” Mrs Mortimer said.

“There is nothing he can do and he knows it.

“I feel sad, and also I think, as Obama says, these massacres could be lessened if they had better gun control.”

Despite the grim statistics, Mrs Mortimer still regards the US as a safe place for visitors.

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2015 radio graduates all employed

ON AIR: CSU graduate Hannah Mayjor with fellow students and radio presenter Tim Ross (left).The 10th year of the revised radio course at Charles Sturt University (CSU) has been celebrated by 100 per cent of 2015 graduates gaining jobs in the radio and media industries.
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Lecturer and radio discipline group leader in the CSU School of Communication and Creative Industries in Bathurst, David Maxwell said graduates of the Bachelor of Communication (Radio) can be found in diverse roles in the radio industry.

“All of this year’s graduates now have jobs in the radio industry or related media organisations,” Mr Maxwell said. “These students join the more than 100 graduates from the course since it was first established under the sponsorship of Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) in 2000.”

Of the 2015 graduates, Nick Robins has joined Macquarie Media, Sarah Heslop and Gemma Prendergast have joined Nova Entertainment, and Hannah Mayjor has joined Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) Melbourne.

Graduates Frankie White and Tilly Allard have joined the multimedia sections of News Corp.

“A key component of the three-year course is the students’ 10-week internship with CRA members,” Mr Maxwell said.

“During the internship the students not only broaden their industry experience but also demonstrate their learning and ability to contribute from day one.”

Ms Mayjor said CSU’s radio lecturers were not only educators, they were also industry professionals.

“During my final year, it became especially apparent that this point of difference is our strongest asset as Charles Sturt University graduates,” she said.

“We gain not only theory but arguably the more important practical knowledge and connections within the industry that give us an advantage.”

“Every single element of this course was applicable during my internship. I was excited to be an intern, and once the radio station discovered how competent I was, I was given a full-time role. I couldn’t be happier!”

Mr Maxwell said 25 new students will enrol in the course in 2016. Fourteen of these students will come from regional markets through the CSU/Southern Cross Austereo Regional Radio Endorsement Program which is in its second year.

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Goulburn prison officers back at work

Prison officers in Goulburn have returned to work after a 24 hour strike. Photo Darryl Fernance.Goulburn jail in lockdown: 24 hour strikePRISON officers at Goulburn returned to work on Sunday morning following lengthy negotiations with management.
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Chairman of the Prison Officers Vocational Branch of the PSA, Steve McMahon said his union had secured undertakings that the types of decisions that sparked Saturday’s 24-hour strike would not happen again without consultation with officers.

The Union has also scored more officers inside the jail and other visible areas to address “poor behaviour” of inmates.

“After protracted discussions, management has agreed to take action and address our concerns,” Mr McMahon said.

“Some of these measures will take time but members have voted to return to work.”

In future, there will be “zero tolerance” of inmates refusing to muster and other “defiant” behaviour.

The union was satisfied with the interim measures until the longer-term issues were thrashed out.

Some 100 members and union representatives met with Corrective Services acting regional director Ian Farquhar at the jail at 8am. Before the meeting, Mr McMahon also had lengthy discussions with assistant Commissioner for Custodial Corrections, Kevin Corcoran.

He said officers were very angry at Sunday’s gathering.

“They take their roles and their safety very seriously, as we all do. Ultimately, these types of decisions undermine their authority and put their safety at risk.”

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Two dominant days sees Homers triumph

Two dominant days sees Homers triumph Eddie Landwehr, Homers. Homers v Laharum.
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Homers v Laharum.

Will Marks, Homers. Homers v Laharum.

Siphe Mzayidume, Homers. Homers v Laharum.

Adam Atwood, Homers. Homers v Laharum.

Mal Adams, Laharum. Homers v Laharum.

Dan Mibus, Laharum, Homers v Laharum.

Robbie Miller, Laharum, Adam Atwood, Homers, Homers v Laharum.

Mal Adams, Laharum. Homers v Laharum.

Mal Adams, Laharum. Homers v Laharum.

Robbie Miller, Laharum, Adam Atwood, Homers. Homers v Laharum.

Lachie Johns, Homers. Homers v Laharum.

Jason Kannar, Homers. Homers v Laharum.

Robbie Miller and Dan Mibus, Laharum, Homers v Laharum.

Robbie Miller, Laharum, Adam Atwood, Homers. Homers v Laharum.

Jarred Combe, Homers, Homers v Laharum.

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Danny nails five-star score to front door

FIVE STARS: Danny Chan from the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant puts up his latest official five star food and health safety Scores on Doors certificate which he received from Bathurst Regional Council. 120115fivestarsWHEN it comes to Scores on Doors ratings from Bathurst Regional Council, five stars is as good as it gets.
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Danny Chan from the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant was busy putting up his official certificate for excellence in food hygiene and safety for all to see.

It arrived in the mail last week after the latest round of inspections of local food outlets by council’s environmental health officers.

The state government initiative is aimed at letting residents and diners see how well local food businesses are complying with food hygiene and safety requirements.

Deputy mayor Ian North said the result of the inspection determined if an award was warranted.

“If a premises is awarded a five-star certificate it is forwarded to the owner of the business soon after the inspection,” Cr North said. “It is not mandated or necessary for the certificate to be displayed.

“However, if any subsequent inspection reveals the premises not to be of a five-star standard, the existing certificate is usually removed from the premises by council’s environment health officer.

“If you see a restaurant displaying the purple and green poster you can dine there safe in the knowledge it has met hygiene and food safety standards during the last inspection and if it’s not displaying one, you can ask why.”

A council spokeperson said its officers inspect businesses and rate their hygiene and food safety standards, taking into account such things as food temperature control, food prepared in advance of service, food handler hygiene, cleaning and sanitisation and pest control.

Mr Chan said Scores on Doors offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to show customers just how seriously they take food hygiene and the results they have achieved by displaying a rating certificate on their door.

“Here at the Great Wall we are proud to be part of Scores on Doors and it shows we are doing our part to ensure everyone has a memorable dining experience here,” he said.

“We have been in business at the same location in George Street since 1989 and are one of Bathurst’s pioneering Chinese restaurants.

“At present we are undergoing major renovations, including special attention to our kitchen with new appliances to ensure we maintain that five star Scores on Doors rating.

“The inspectors from council came through the restaurant about two weeks ago and we received our certificate last week.”

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