Lazarus act as Tropfest returns in February

It’s back on … Tropfest founder John Polson. The crowd settles in for Tropfest at Centennial Park last year. Photo: James Alcock
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One of this year’s finalists … Tay Man, a mockumentary directed by Angela McCormack about men who are closet Taylor Swift fans.

Supporting Taylor Swift … David Collins in Tay Man.

Delighted … this year’s Tropfest finalists at the announcement in Centennial Park that the festival is back on. Photo: Garry Maddox

Tropfest cancelled after ‘huge hole’ in fundingFunding gap twice what Polson had been toldPolson hopeful of reviving TropfestMovie session timesFull movies coverage

Less than a month after a funding crisis forced it to be cancelled, Tropfest is back from the dead.

On the day the iconic short film festival had been due to be held in Sydney’s Centennial Park, founder John Polson announced it would now take place in February with a new sponsor – CGU Insurance.

The company had come forward after the shock announcement last month that a debt “well into six figures” had led to the festival being scrapped.

“It’s been some pretty serious highs and lows over the past few weeks,” Polson said. “Probably more lows than highs but this is definitely a high.”

Polson said the company had signed up at a time he thought Tropfest was probably finished.

“I didn’t see a way to rebound from what had happened but there was a groundswell of support from all corners of Australia, from people on the street to big businesses.”

Flanked by actor-director Simon Baker and the the finalists from both Tropfest and Trop jnr, Polson said the festival would take place on February 14.

While he would not specify whether CGU was covering Tropfest’s debts as well as running costs, Polson said its backing was “certainly enough to say this event is happening”.

The support is initially just for one festival but he is hoping for continued support.

The hugely successful festival, which began with short film screenings at Sydney’s Tropicana cafe in 1993, costs substantially more than $1 million a year to run.

With an audience in the hundreds of thousands both in Sydney and live sites around the country, and with a live television broadcast on SBS2, it had been due to have Hollywood star Susan Sarandon as head of the jury.

Polson cancelled the festival after discovering a hole in its finances while in discussions with managing director, Michael Laverty, who handled day-to-day management through Tropfest Festival Productions.

Polson is continuing legal action against Laverty – “as far as I know, he’s disappeared,” he said – while re-employing three staff who were laid off.

“I’d like to think this is purely about bad business judgement and management but I really have no further idea at this point,” he said. “Not a lot of information has been forthcoming.”

Polson has been thrilled with the public support for the festival that had emerged since it was cancelled.

“It’s been incredible to be getting calls from the CEOs of some of the biggest companies trying to figure out how they can help,” he said.

“People have had a bit of a wake-up call. Tropfest is an iconic event, a very important event in the cultural calender of Australia. And as much as it feels like a community event that’s supported by the government, the truth is it’s vulnerable.

“If nothing else great comes out of this, people have suddenly realised that this thing does need support in all sorts of ways – it needs financial support, it needs audience support and we need celebrities to come out to judge.”

While Tropfest has backing from Destination NSW and Screen NSW, Polson said he had been surprised by the lack of support from Premier Mike Baird after a pitch to the state government.

“Many people have asked what has the NSW government done since this crisis,” he said. “The truth is not a lot at this point.

“We had hopes for some more help in rebuilding our company and rebuilding this iconic – let’s be honest – very Sydney event.

“There have been calls from other parts of the country saying ‘what about us?’ But I’ve been surprised we haven’t had just a bit more support at this point from the NSW government.”

Polson said he was working with advisors on how to rebuild the company, with new systems for financial governance and possibly a board to avoid another financial crisis.

“In my opinion, we’ve done nothing wrong but respond as best we can to a terrible situation brought about by bad management,” he said.

One of the Tropfest finalists, Angela McCormack, said it had been a rollercoaster ride since she learnt her first film had been selected.

“It was a bit of a shock to begin with, finding out, like everyone else, the sad news,” she said. “For a while there we were thinking that our films were resigned to [staying in] a bottom drawer and never really seeing the light of day, so we’re really thrilled to have [the festival] back.”

The 22-year-old social media producer from Triple J’s Hack made the finals with Tay Man, a mockumentary starring Colin Lane, David Collins and Craig Anderson as secret fans of a certain pop singer.

“It’s about guys who have a closeted obsession with Taylor Swift, perhaps not unlike Premier Mike Baird,” McCormack said. “He’s basically a Tay Man.”

The NSW Premier’s enthusiasm was revealed in an Instagram post last week that said: “A great thing about having daughters: you can pretend THEY’RE the reason you are at the Taylor Swift concert.”

Also among the 16 finalists are documentaries on punk band Radio Birdman and former boxing world champion Jeff Harding and a slapstick animation about a pinata.

The irony of the new date is that Tropfest shifted from February to December to avoid the rain that had plagued the event at the end of summer.

“I’m not saying we’re going to land back in February after this,” Polson said. “But a lot of people seem very happy about February.

“We did move for a reason but then again, the weather is unpredictable. We got rained out in December last year.”

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Gabba crane drama man charged with possessing MDA ‘love drug’

Police are asking people to avoid the area. Photo: Jason South Police are asking people to avoid the area as they negotiate with a man who has climbed a large crane on a construction site. Photo: Tony Moore
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Police are negotiating with the man at the site. Photo: Tony Moore

Police began to climb the crane shortly after 10am in an attempt to bring the man down. Photo: Tony Moore

The man climbed the crane early on Sunday morning before ascending to arround halfway. Photo: Tony Moore

The young man who dangled from a crane at Woolloongabba early on Sunday morning has been charged by police with possessing MDA, a powerful ecstacy-styled amphetamine that makes users think they have extra strength.

MDA is known as “Sass”, or “Sally” and is considered a “love-drug”, similar to ecstacy.

The man was not held in custody, but was treated by paramedics and given a notice to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on January 21 to face six charges.

He is charged with possessing MDA, trespass, being involved in an unregulated high risk activity – climbing and dangling from the crane – public nuisance, wilful damage and obstructing police.

Police on Sunday morning successfully brought down the man – in his 20s – who had climbed a large crane at Woolloongabba this morning.

Emergency service crews and police were at the scene for six hours after the man climbed high up the crane.

He was brought down about 11am by two SERT police who scaled the crane. He was treated by paramedics.

Earlier the man had been swinging on crane cables high over a construction site in Carl Street, Woolloongabba.


Police have been at a Woolloongabba construction site for several hours where a man is refusing to come down from a large crane he climbed.

The man was perched high in the top section of a crane 20 storeys high over Carl Street, Woolloongabba, for some hours and has been seen dangling from a cable as police move towards him in an attempt to bring him down.

Specialist police have been talking constantly to the man, believed to be in his mid-20s.

The street has been closed to vehicles and pedestrians and police are asking people to avoid the area.

Earlier this morning the man was hanging upside down by his legs from the very top of the crane, one witness said.

Fire and rescue services, police and emergency services rushed to the scene just after 5.30am to find the clearly distressed man very agitated.

He has now calmed down and is talking with negotiators who are on top of nearby buildings in Carl Street, one block from the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

On the ground ambulance crews,  Queensland Search and Rescue Crews, police and specialist police are waiting.

A representative from the site construction company, Montecorvino Constructions has arrived at the Carl Street site.

Around 4.30am this morning police were advised that a man had entered a construction site and had climbed a large crane.

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COAG to focus on regional centres

THE Victorian premier says he will put a massive focus on regional cities at next week’sCouncil of Australian Governments meeting.
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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will sit down with premiers and chief ministers for the meeting which is expected to cover a wide range of topics.

However, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he will be making it clear to the PM that a focus on onlycapital cities will not be acceptable.

While Mr Turnbull has putcities on the agenda appointingJamie Briggs in the new role of the Minister for Cities, Mr Andrews said it was important the focuswas not just on Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra as part of the role.

“I will be making sure, at the COAG meeting, that the prime minister and government understandthat it is not good enough to have a capital city agenda,”Mr Andrewssaid.

“So whether it is Ballarat or Bendigo or Geelong or smaller regional centres like Shepparton, we need to make sure the national government is not just about Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra it needs to be about supporting regional cities to grow with the services, job opportunities and facilities that they need.”

Despite the two-daymeeting expectingto have a major focus on tax reform, in particular the GST, Mr Andrews said it was important that regional cities were not forgotten in the discussion,.

“Whether it is infrastructure, education orhealth, it is not just acapital city agenda, it has to include regional cities,” he said.

“I intend to make sure when we resolve a way forward for a new economic dialogue about the way we are going to work together to grow jobs and opportunities, it won’tjust be capital cities, it has got to include regional cities.

“That will be my presentation, that is the position ofthe Victoriangovernment.

“That is not negotiable as far as the Victorian government is concerned.”

The draft copy of the COAG agenda was sent to state premiers andlists”a new dialogue for economic reform” as the first item of business meaning the meetings will be centred on this topic.

Reducing the incidence ofdomestic violence, tackling ice addiction, the federation white paper, countering violent extremism and Indigenous economic development are the other five items listed for the two-day meeting.

The COAG meetings will be held on Thursday and Friday.

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A new rule change will bring relief

NEW: The Government announced in the Federal Budget that they will change the rules to allow small businesses to access rollover relief in a wider range of restructures.
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I currently operate my plumbing business as a sole trader. As business is booming I want to move my business into a trust so I can distribute profits to my family. I’ve heard there are no capital gains tax consequences if I transfer my business into a trust, is this right?

As you are no doubt finding out, changing a business structure can be complicated and can have various taximplications.

Normally, when moving assets from one legal owner to another, there is a taxable capital gain. At the moment, concessions that allow you to essentially ignore capital gains (known as roll-over relief) only apply where a sole trader, trust or partnership transfers into a company. It doesn’t apply when moving into a trust.

The good news is that the Government announced in the Federal Budget that they will changethe rules to allow small businesses – being businesses with turnover of less than $2 million and net assets of less than $6 million – to access rollover relief in a wider range of restructures.

The way these new rules are likely to work is that the transferor of the asset (being you when transferring your business)will be taken to receive an amount equal to the value of the assets being transferred. This means there is no capital gain (or loss).

The purchaser will then be taken to have acquired the asset for its tax value.

These rules are still in draft form, and will likely only apply from July 1, 2016 if passed.

You may wish to wish to wait till then or alternatively transfer your business into a structure, like a company, where rollover relief is already available.

You may also be eligible for the small business capital gains tax concessions, meaning that you can transfer your business into your family trust now with minimal tax consequences.

However, these concessions can be complex, and using them now may affect your ability to use them in the future.

Changing business structures can be challenging and so I recommend you seek advice from a professional accountant or tax specialist.

If you would like more informationor have another tax question e-mail me at [email protected]南京夜网419论坛. Crowe Horwath Pty Ltd ABN 84 006 466 351

This information is general in nature and readers should seek specialist advice before making any financial decisions.

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View From the Paddock

Kim Hughes, Harrogate, Richmond is the Queensland ICPA president.
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Findings from a 2014 Senate Committee Inquiry into Speech Pathology Services in Australia confirm what has long been suspected – the demand for speech pathology servicesin Australia is at diabolical proportions. For rural remote students, the lack of alternative private providers make this demographic particularly vulnerable. In many instances, therapy cannot be accessed without travelling hundreds of kilometres to a larger centre, which is logistically and financially unviable.

The sheer demand for speech therapy services, coupled with vast distances between schools, has resulted in a severe shortage of face to face services in rural and remote schools and an issue ICPA has been lobbying for many years. In a bid to close this gap and increase the therapy sessions students receive, the Department of Education and Training has rolled out a ‘telepractice’ trial in the North Qld Region. The trial is exploring ways students can receive online therapy via technologies such as Skype, web conferencing programs and accessing Queensland Health’s telehealth facility at local health centres. At present eight rural schools (including one school of distance education) are participating and the trial is expected to be extended to the South-West Qld region next year.

One of the obstacles faced with the implementation of this trial is that inadequate internet reliability and bandwidth in many small communities has resulted in poor audio-visual quality of the session. Web conferencing is very ‘data hungry’ and we are encouraged that the department is investigating a number of low bandwidth software solutions.

Although we acknowledge that web-based delivery models cannot take the place of face to face therapy, we are hopeful it may complement and broaden the existing service and increase the level of care available. The sustainability of our rural and remote communities can only be achieved by having access to health and education services to cater to the needs of all residents. If these basic services do not exist, we will continue to see the steady decline of our small communities as families migrate to larger centres to access quality services.

– Kim Hughes,ICPA Qld President

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Police officer hit by car at Gwynneville roadblock

A police constable was hit by a car at a roadblock on Gipps Road at Gwynneville on Saturday night. Picture: Adam McLeanA police officerwas hit by a car at a Gwynnevilleroad block early on Sunday morning.
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The roadblock, which formed part of the road closures for the transportation of nuclear waste to Lucas Heights,was onGipps Road at the Princes Motorway overpass.

At 12.15am, a23-year-old maledriver of a blueHolden Astrawas travelling eastbound along Gipps Road at about 20km/h according to police when anofficer called for him to stop.

Police allege the Keiravilleman, who held an international drivers licence,failed to stop and hit the left knee of the officer,a senior constable from Shoalhaven LAC.

The officer then jumped on the bonnet of the car and rolled off the side.

Hesuffered only minor bruising from the incident.

When the car came to a stop, the officer arrested the driver.

Police said alcohol was not a factor in the incident.

Police will be taking further action over the incident and the driver will be attending court at a later date.

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Man charged over scamming $150k from Illawarra woman

A Nigerian national has been extradited from Western Australia over allegations hescammedthousands of dollars from an Illawarra woman.
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Police allege the 24-year-old man used a social networking site tobefriend a 42-year-old Illawarrawoman.

After a few months of regular correspondence it is alleged the man deceived her intodepositing $150,000 into an off-shore bank account.

Soon afterwards, she reported the matter to police.

Police investigations led Lake Illawarra detectives toPerth Magistrates Court on Friday, where they successfully applied for the extradition of theman to NSW.

The manwas in custody in Western Australia on unrelated matters.

Upon arrival atSydney Airport on Saturday police took the man toMascot Police Station where he was charged with dishonestly obtain financial advantage by deception.

He was refused bail and scheduled to appear in Parramatta Local Court on Sunday.

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GALLERY: Charles puts Kinross in charge: Litchfield’s century guides students

CENTURY: Charles Litchfield. Photo: MAT FINDLAYCRICKETKINROSS sits in a commanding position at stumps on day one of their Orange District Cricket Association two-day clash against Orange City, thanks largely to a chanceless Charles Litchfield ton.
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Litchfield belted 109 of his side’s 223 on Saturday – his first hundred in the ODCA top grade.

Opening up, Litchfield battled the heat for 66 overs to post his maiden first grade ton, smashing eight fours along the way, a knock that followed a sublime 93 against Centrals last round.

Orange City skipper Dave Boundy couldn’t speak highly enough of Litchfield’s dig, although that didn’t stop him from saying how confident he is of the Warriors running down Kinross’ score on day two.

“I think we’ll just need to take a leaf out of Charlie Litchfield’s book, he batted beautifully out there,” Boundy said.

“It’s just about taking our time and letting the runs come. We’ve got 80 overs to score 224, which is more than doable.

“Everyone will just need to put some value on their wicket, bat time and spend some time in the middle.

“I’m confident if we do that we’ll be able to get a win, we’re in a pretty strong position.”

GALLERY: Charles puts Kinross in charge: Litchfield’s century guides students CAVALIERS V CYMS MORONEYS: All the action from Riawena Oval. Photo: JUDE KEOGH


CYMS V CENTRALS: Teammates celebrate a Mitch Winslade wicket. Photo: JUDE KEOGH

CYMS V CENTRALS: Mitch Winslade. Photo: JUDE KEOGH




CAVALIERS V CYMS MORONEYS: Brad Wright and Richie Venner. Photo: JUDE KEOGH


CYMS V CENTRALS: Chris Hutchinson. Photo: JUDE KEOGH



CYMS V CENTRALS: CYMS teammates celebrate a Mitch Winslade wicket. Photo: JUDE KEOGH

CAVALIERS V CYMS MORONEYS: Pat Madden is dismissed. Photo: JUDE KEOGH


ORANGE CITY V KINROSS WOLAROI: Craig Rogan prepares to bowl. Photo: JUDE KEOGH

CAVALIERS V CYMS MORONEYS: Cavaliers leave the field. Photo: JUDE KEOGH

CYMS V CENTRALS: Mitch Winslade. Photo: JUDE KEOGH


CYMS V CENTRALS: Cam Thomas appeals for a wicket. Photo: JUDE KEOGH


CAVALIERS V CYMS MORONEYS: Pat Madden is dismissed. Photo: JUDE KEOGH


ORANGE CITY V KINROSS WOLAROI: Craig Rogan prepares to bowl. Photo: JUDE KEOGH





CAVALIERS V CYMS MORONEYS: Keiran Beattie and Gus Wilson. Photo: JUDE KEOGH


CYMS V CENTRALS: Chris Hutchinson and Josh Coyte. Photo: JUDE KEOGH

CYMS V CENTRALS: Hamish Finlayson and Josh Coyte. Photo: JUDE KEOGH


[email protected]南京夜网419论坛

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Shoppers will use more cash than credit

Here’s some good news for the festive season. The majority of shoppers are leaving their credit cards at home this Christmas with plans to pay for purchases with cash.
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According to ASIC’s MoneySmart site, Australian households are expected to spend, on average, $1079 on Christmas, with up to around half of this total going on gifts alone.

It’s an additional outlay that can strain household budgets so it’s great to see ASIC also finding that about 60 per centof us will use cash savings for holiday season spending.

Only one in five shoppers are likely to reach for their credit card.

Making it through the festive season without stocking up on high interest card debt is one of the best presents you can give yourself for Christmas. Even better, paying by cash offers scope to ask for a discount. So don’t be afraid to ask retailers for their best cash price.

Interestingly, an Australia Post survey found a whopping 87 per cent of Australians will head online for festive purchases.

Shopping via the internet makes it easy to compare prices and snare a bargain. But in the pre-Christmas rush it’s easy to lose money to a dodgy website especially if you haven’t used the provider before.

Instead of focusing solely on prices, look for some important features to make sure you’re not ripped off.

Check the website address begins with ‘https’ and the page displays an icon depicting a closed padlock. These indicate additional layers of encryption to keep your payments secure.

Paul Clitheroe is a founding director of financial planning firm ipac, Chairman of the Australian Government Financial Literacy Board and chief commentator for Money Magazine.

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Nissan will go on the defensive at Bathurst

TITLE DEFENCE: Members of the Nissan team celebrate victory in this year’s Bathurst 12 Hour. The team will return to Mount Panorama next February and attempt to defend their crown. 020815zmoly12MOTOR SPORT
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WHEN Japanese driver Katsuma Chiyo charged from third to first on the penultimate lap of this year’s Bathurst 12 Hour before going on to claim the chequered flag, it marked an important moment for Nissan.

Not only did it end a 22-year wait for the manufacturer to once again earn victory at Mount Panorama, but it kick-started a season which saw the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 go on to post wins on three more continents

The Bathurst 12 Hour success and those wins which followed in the Blancpain GT Endurance Series in Europe, Pirelli World Challenge in the United States and GT300 Super GT Championship in Japan were cherish by Nissan.

Therefore it came as little surprise late last week when Nissan announced it would return to Bathurst next February in an attempt to defend their 12 Hour crown.

The car will carry #1 instead of the traditional number 23 of Nissan and Nismo globally, but given it is the number of the defending champion, the alteration is a welcomed one.

“It’s great to confirm that we will return to Mount Panorama next February to defend our Bathurst 12 Hour victory,” Richard Emery, managing director and CEO of Nissan Australia said.

“This year’s spectacular win has been celebrated by Nissan and Nismo globally as a truly historic moment in our long and proud motor sport history. This included the winning car being honoured and celebrated at last weekend’s Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway in Japan.”

This year’s Bathurst 12 Hour win marked Nissan’s first victory at the Mount since Mark Skaife and Jim Richards took out the 1992 edition of the Great Race.

In a race that featured a record 20 safety cars, Wolfgang Reip and Florian Strauss watched on from the team garage as Chiyo got the job done in the Nismo GT-R.

“It was really stressful, I couldn’t keep calm really. It’s incredible, it’s our first win for the last two years we’ve been racing,” Reip said.

“With all the strategy and safety cars, we really didn’t know what would happen. We didn’t expect to win, but the last seven minutes were incredible.”

Just as Nissan claimed back-to-back Bathurst 1000 wins in 1991-92 with a GT-R, Emery hopes they can successfully defend their Bathurst 12 Hour crown.

The driver line-up is yet to be confirmed, but with a talented group of international drivers as well as V8 Supercars stars like Rick Kelly to draw from, it will no doubt be imposing.

The car will also be an improvement on the one which nudged out the Phoenix Racing Audi R8 and Craft Bamboo Racing Aston Martin this year.

“[This year] was the first Bathurst win for the legendary Nissan GT-R since the back-to-back Bathurst 1000 wins in 1991 and 1992,” Emery said.

“While we respect the level of competition, it will naturally be our aim to emulate the feats of that era by getting another set of back-to-back wins.

“We have worked closely with Nismo on bringing the strongest possible effort to Bathurst in 2016.

“We will enter the 2016 race with a brand new 2015-specification Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3, built by Nismo in Japan specifically for the Bathurst 12 Hour and Nissan Motor Co. Australia. The car will remain here in Australia permanently, giving us our very own version of what was arguably the best GT3 car in the world in 2015, with two championship victories and race wins on four continents.”

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