Nicholas a 2016 calendar boy

ONE DAY AT A TIME: Nicholas with his big sister Kaitlin. Proceeds from the sale of Nicholas’ calendar will go towards his therapy expenses.VICTORIA Point’s Nicholas Randall is a little boy with big needs, and his mother Kim Braddock has produced a 2016 calendar to help raise funds for his therapy.
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Nicholas is all smiles.

Born 10weeks premature, Nicholas has quadriplegia cerebral palsy, which affects his limbs, breathing and vision.Just after his fifth birthday, he suffered his first seizure and was also diagnosed with epilepsy.

Ms Braddock said her sonrequired intense therapy, some of which had been undertaken overseas, and he neededthe community’s help to keep up his treatment. She said next year, funds raised by the calendar would go towards his speech therapy.

Ms Braddock thanked the many local businesses that had supported thecalendar,which has photos of Nicholas enjoying life like any little boy wants to, only with the aid of multiple pieces of equipment, including standers, walkers, wheelchairs and more.

The calendar ($5) is available from Victoria Point businessesDrift In,Sharks Sporting Club andRay White,or by calling Ms Braddock on 0422 025 931.

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PM pledges $300m for drug treatment

Former addict Jake has got his life back on track through residential rehab. Photo: Wolter PeetersAlmost $300 million will be invested in the drug treatment sector as part of a new national plan that shifts focus from policing to prevention.
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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will unveil the federal government’s National Ice Taskforce report on Sunday, rolling out a four-year strategy of improved treatment, aftercare, education, prevention, support and community engagement to tackle the crystal meth issue.

The new prevention focus marks a significant shift away from the hardline law-and-order strategy that has long failed to stifle supply.

The minister responsible for drug and alcohol policy,Fiona Nash, said that after “significant investment” in policing borders and streets to combat ice supply, work was needed to “reduce demand” for the drug.

In April last year, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced a new taskforce which, headed by former former Victoria Police commissioner Ken Lay, united state and territory authorities in the ice strategy.

The response is a $241 million “boost” to the alcohol and drug treatment sector, with funding to be managed by the 31 Primary Health Networks set up by the Abbott government last year.

Asked if the funding was all new money, the minister’s spokesman said there was $297 “odd million” in fresh funding plus $15 million for advertising.

Matt Noffs, who as chief executive of the Noffs Foundation was part of the consultations, paid tribute to taskforce head Mr Lay, who he said was given “oxygen” by Malcolm Turnbull to take a “giant step forward.”

As the taskforce toured ice-ravaged communities starved of rehab services earlier this year, Mr Abbott’s own battle plan saw him announce the now infamous ‘dob-in-a-dealer hotline’ estimated to cost $1 million a year.

“It is my belief that Tony Abbott expected Ken Lay to say ‘we need more police’,” said Mr Noffs who added: “With Mr Turnbull as a conduit, Ken was far braver than that.”

Mr Lay has previous said: “Ice has been on the scene for over a decade and we’ve had a really strong law enforcement approach and it hasn’t resolved the problem. The time’s right now to look at the other options.”

“For social problems like these, law enforcement isn’t the answer. Unless you get into the primary prevention end, unless you stop the problem occurring you simply won’t arrest your way out of this.”

Almost $25 million will be set aside to arm families and communities with resources, information and support when ice issues emerge. A “key priority” of the plan will ensure that “indigenous-specific” and “culturally appropriate” mainstream treatment services are more widely available.

The action plan also includes significant investment in rural and regional areas, where the taskforce found specialist treatment services were few to non-existent.

Dr Lynne Magor-Blatch, executive officer of the Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association, expressed concern that the Government had chosen to distribute money through the PHNs which she described as “incredibly patchy”.

“Many are still in a changeover state from medicare locals and not properly developed,” she said, adding: “How are those resources going to flow through the PHNs when many would not even have relationships with the community organisations that are doing alcohol and other drug work?”

Drug treatment the key to young lives at crossroadsA fortnight ago, a Melbourne-based father was advisedthat if his 15-year-oldice-addicted son wanted professional treatment, he would be better off committing a crime in NSW – where a judge could at least offer him options.

“David has always suffered terrible anxiety issues and the drug issue became a way of self-medicating,” said Adam, whose real name has been withheld along with his son’s to protect theiridentities.

“This year, he stopped coming home. It started off as one night. Then became a week, two weeks. The police would locate him but as long as he claims he is OK, they are not permitted to bring him home. Even though he is still a child whose drug abuse is escalating.”

In recent times, David has been charged as an accessory to car theft, accessory to serious assault and broken police bail on 13 occasions.

“If there was any sort of mandatory treatment system in Victoria, Davidwould already have been directed to a facility tailored to help him. Instead, he is trapped in a cycle of abuse. This federal government funding announcement is fantastic news.”

Adam is currently trying to find a way of funnelling his son to an interstate residential treatment centre such asthe Sydney-based Program for Adolescent Life Management (PALM) run by the Matt Noffs Foundation.

In the coming years, government spending will be ploughed into a host of such programs tailored not only to youngsters hooked on ice, but across-the-board drug addiction.

Under an announcement by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,almost $300 million will be invested in the drug treatment sectoras part of a new national plan that shifts focus from policing to prevention.

On Friday,The Sun-Heraldmet Jake, an indigenous teenager whose life is back on track after two stints of residential therapy at PALM.

“I was in DOCS as a child because my mum and dad couldn’t look after me. I was exposed to smoking, alcohol and domestic violence. It wasn’t a great upbringing. By year 8, I wasn’t having such a great time. I experimented a little too much with drugs and fell into addiction.”

Like most kids in that position, he had “no real understanding” of what rehab was before he arrived.

“I pictured a white hospital with white corridors and beds, that type of scenery. It could not have been more different. It felt like a home.”

Jake, whose real name has been withheld,completed a three month stint at PALM last year. After falling back down the same path, he returned to the centre in early April. While he is the first to admit that rehab is no magic wand, he is proud of the changes and “improvements” in himself. Now 18, he has found a passion for public speaking and volunteering with indigenous children in primary schools.

“You learn a lot about yourself in therapy,” said Jake who added: “It’s given me a big boost.”

“When I’m about to fall into old habits, I have a reason to control it. I recognise the triggers. I also realise what my addiction was doing to those around me.”

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Quirky contest to decide names of new Nowra waterslides

The new slides are expected to open within the next three weeks. Picture: contributedShoalhaven council is offering a year’s worth of free rides to whoever can come up with the best names for Nowra’s new waterslides.
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Councilconstructed the slides as part of an upgrade toNowra Aquatic Park. They are due to open before Christmas.

MayorJoanna Gash has called on the community to put forward names foreach of the slides.

“The redeveloped Nowra Aquatic Park has proven to be extremely popular with the local communitysince being re-opened in September,” Cr Gash said.

“The new open tube and closed tube waterslides will provide yet another level of enjoyment.

“We are looking for original and fun names to help capture the vibrancy of the new slides.

“The winning entry will receive free slides for a year, giving the local community plenty of reasons to enter.”

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Saints make Turvey Park work for win

EYE ON THE BALL: Turvey Park’s Jade Olsen looks to get bat to ball in the match against Saints at French Fields on Saturday. Turvey Park had to work hard against a valiant Saints team before winning1-0in a tense feature match of theWagga Softball competition on Saturday.
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In a game which wasdominated by the defences of both teams, Turvey Park managed to score the only run of the match in the bottom of the fifth innings and held on in a nail-biting finish.

With the score at 1-0 entering the top of the seventh, the Saints’ Sarah Wardley hit safely to left field. She was advanced to second base when Jess Cole picked a walk.

With runners on first and second, Seona Dwyer bounced one past the Turvey pitcher, loading up the bases.

The pressure was on, with three on base and no outs.

Alison Burgess hit a catch to a shallow-fielding Jane Wadley at centre field and no progress was made by the runners. Kate Looney then struck out Mahala Hofert, bringing, arguably the Saints best batter, Gemma McGlynn to the plate.

After a couple of foul balls, McGlynn belted the ball back to pitcher Looney, who, despite an initial fumble recovered to throw her out at first, leaving the result as a 1-0 win to Turvey Park.

Safe hits were certainly scarce, with Jane Wadley, Sharon Hall and Jamila Piercy, the only Turvey Park players to register one.

The Saints also had only three safe hits with one each to Gemma McGlynn, Sarah Wardley and Seona Dwyer.

In defence, Turvey Park’s Kate Looney became the first pitcher this season to record a no-run game.

Saints’ starting pitcher, Gemma McGlynn, was also in grand form, conceding only three hits in 4.7 innings with two K-2s.

Sarah Wardley carried on the good work for the remainder of the game with no hits and two K-2s.

INCOMING: Lake Albert’s Sarah Rose looks to hit the ball in the A grade softball match against Blu-Js at French Fields on Saturday.

In the other fixture, Blu-Js had to come from behind to beat Lake Albert13-5.

Whileit was yet another mercy-rule finish for the Lake team, their good start to the game certainly gave their players, officials and supportershope for better performances in the future.

TIMING: Saints batter Sarah Wardlen looks to hit the ball out of the park in the A grade match against Turvey Park at French Fields on Saturday.

After Shae McMahon was walked, Jess Grant hit a three-bagger to score her and Lake Albert had a run on the board before the three dismissals were made.

It was an even better effort in their first defensive innings when they had Blu-Js ‘three up-three down’.

Another three-bagger, this time from the bat of McMahon, sent Kelly Eves across the plate and the Lake had a 2-0 lead entering the bottom of the second.

That margin was retained when Lake Albert shut out Blu-Js for a second time.

However, Lake was ‘brought back to earth’ in the top of the third when the Blues’ Kristy Mohr struck out both Grant and Mel Lill, and Deb Funnell was thrown out at first by Libby Schofield.

Blu-Js then took controlin the bottom of the third when they scorednine runs, with some wayward pitching, fielding errors and hits to Michelle Blake (two), Libby Schofield and Erica Guy all contributing to that tally.

Lake Albert kept in the contest with Eves and Georgia Noack both scoring in the top of the fourth, but a return of four runs to the Bluesplaced Lake in line for another mercy rule finish.

BATTER UP: Blu-Js’ Jayla Nix looks to hit the ball out of the park in the A grade match against Lake Albert at French Fields on Saturday.

ON TARGET: Saints’ pitcher Tessa McGlynn fires in a pitch to the Turvey Park batter in the A grade softball match at French Fields on Saturday. Pictures: Laura Hardwick

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Netballers selected for state

TALENT: Ally O’Connor and Sacha McDonald, both from Ballarat Clarendon College, have been selected to represent Victoria in netball. Picture: Lachlan BenceTWOyoung netballers have been selected torepresent Victoria in next year’s Underage National Netball Championships.
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Ballarat Clarendon College’s Sacha McDonald and Ally O’Connorwere included in the Victorian 17/under state team squad of 12, which will travel over to Perth for the tournament in April.

McDonald revealed that the duohad endured a nervous wait in the hours leading up to the announcement.

“They said they would put the teamup (on the Netball Victoria website)at 12, butthey didn’t put it up till three,” the talented goaliesaid.

“The whole day we were just like ‘come on, come on,’so it was a bit of a drain.”

O’Connor, who hasonly just made the move to BCC from South Warrnambool, saidit was a relief after having had some doubts about being selected.

“I knew Sacha would for sure though, I had so much confidence in her,” O’Connor said.

Both of the young stars have also been included in theSovereigns’19/under squad for the 2016 Victorian Netball League season.

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Expense claims ‘above board’

EXPENSES: Member for Riverina Michael McCormack claimed $226,000 in parliamentary entitlements in the first half of 2015, headlined by two ministerial overseas trips to Turkey and Azerbaijan.Member for Riverina Michael McCormack believes the expenses scandals of this year have drawn too much scrutiny to the entitlement claims of politicians.
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The latest round of parliamentary expense disclosures were released by the Department of Finance on Thursday afternoon, covering the period from January 1 to June 30 of this year.Mr McCormack claimed just shy of $226,000 of taxpayer funds during that period, with his major expense items being two ministerial overseas trips to Turkey and Azerbaijan in February and May.

Despite claiming nearly a quarter of a million dollars in entitlements for the first half of this year, Mr McCormack said being a politician wasn’t quite as glamorous as the expense account would suggest.He was forced to stay in a caravan park in Cloncurry in October when he travelled to the Queensland town to speak at a major agricultural conference.

“I yearn to be home with my family, who I’ve only seen twice in the last five weeks,” he said.

“I love doing my job, I think it’s the best job ever and I’ll continue to do my very best at it, but I’ll continue to travel because it’s a necessary part of the job.”

Mr McCormack acknowledged some politicians –most notably former speaker Bronwyn Bishop –had misused their expense entitlements, but said for the most part claims were genuine.

“I do think the scrutiny (over entitlements) will weed out those who do the wrong thing, but what you’re entitled to and what the public’s perception of it is, sometimes there’s a gap there,” Mr McCormacksaid.

“Some people think all politicians are on the take …because one or two, maybe three or four politicians maybe do the wrong thing, by what the pub test would say they were doing, every politician gets branded as doing the wrong thing. It’s unfortunate because it gets in the way of good governance.”

His trip to Turkey in February, where he attended the G20 Finance Ministers Meeting, came about as a result of the Liberals leadership spill. Then-treasurer Joe Hockey and Finance Minister Mathias Cormann were required in Canberra for the vote, leaving Mr McCormack to fill in at the last minute.

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Conference: Climate crisis or just hot air?

Broelman’s cartoon last Wednesday repeats the myth of Pacific island sea level rises, says columnist Keith Wheeler.Last Tuesday’s climate change editorial contained the cute phrase, “… denialists, seemingly made up of older men …”
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I would suggest that “older men”, and quite a few older women, were at university when “global cooling” was in fashion. As weather patterns evolved, they watched as oil millionaire Al Gore popularised “global warming” as a scare campaign.

Just one column is not long enough to summarise the “global warming” saga. However, while the Paris Climate Conference is progressing, the world press has ignored the story from America’s mid-west where at least 18 people have frozen to death during a bitterly cold start to winter.

I’m disgusted that peas-in-a-pod Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Kevin Rudd, and co have pledged (to borrow!) a billion dollars to fund the $100 billion United Nations’ World Socialism bid. Perhaps they didn’t notice that the Paris “climate activists” were carrying “anti-capitalism” banners!

Australian Foreign Aid money that we once gave to close neighbours, Papua-New Guinea, Indonesia, and Pacific Islands, will now be distributed by the UN, as it sees fit.

Not all younger voters are easily led, but over-hyped and exaggerated weather reports don’t help. Last Tuesday, the first day of summer, an afternoon news reader described the Sydney temperature as a “record”, another calling it a “scorcher”, at the ABC “a mini heat wave”, when in actual fact Sydney reached only the mid-30s.

For the record, Sydney’s hottest first day of summer was in 2004 when it was 40.0 degrees. Sydney’s coldest December 1 minimum was in 1862 when the temperature only reached 10.9 degrees, the highest rainfall was in 1888, but of course those older records aren’t counted in homogenised climate calculations.Australia’s new “homogenised” records are now calculated from 1910, which avoids having to recognise the “inconvenient” record temperatures and floods recorded in the late 1800s. Records like Bourke’s 51 degrees have been removed.

Homogenisation is the “trick” mentioned in the “Climategate emails” scandal, when the scientists from East Anglia University in Britain were caught discussing how to adjust data to match their computer models.

Carbon dioxide continues to rise, but temperatures do not. While “homogenised” temperatures have been reworked to show rising temperatures, satellite readings show a near-20-year temperature hiatus.

Satellite data shows a 14 per cent increase in the amount of green vegetation on the planet since 1982, according to Richard Betts of Britain’s Met Office. Commercial greenhouses buy carbon dioxide because carbon dioxide feeds plants.

NASA has found a 14 per cent increase in global forestation and arable land since the 1970s. World food production has never been higher. Yet Q&A’s Tony Jones recently hosted alarmist Paul Ehrlich, who predicted in 1967 that, “The battle to feed humanity is over.”

Broelman’s cartoon last Wednesday repeats the myth of Pacific island sea level rises. Giff Johnson, editor of theMarshall Islands Journalpointed out that, “23 of the 27 atoll islands across Kiribati, Tuvalu and … Micronesia have increased in area or remained stable over recent decades”.

A sobering fact is that so far the Earth has warmed 0.9 degrees since pre-industrial levels. None of the predictions of alarmists such as Tim Flannery have come true – the rain is still falling and the Opera House is not under water.Young readers can be assured that the world is not about to end.

–Keith Wheeler

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Elmore rags to riches continues

ELMORE’S rags to riches season in the Northern United Cricket Association continued on Saturday with a 20-run win over ladder-leading Bagshot.
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Chasing Bagshot’s 7-166, Elmore was under pressure at 8-153, before Joshua Milne (59 n.o.) and Joe Harney (4 n.o.) guided the visitors over the line and to 8-186.

After winning the toss and batting, Bagshot’s innings featured an opening partnership of 105 between skipper Marc Sherwell (71) and Stefan Anderson (48).

Jauvane Bannon (3-15) claimed three wickets for Elmore.

• Heathcote is breathing life back into its season, with a second-consecutive win.

Bottom side Heathcote (149) defeated Colbinabbin (142) by seven runs.

Steven Morgan (3-14) bowled well for Heathcote, while the best batting performance of the game was from Colbinabbin skipper Hadleigh Sirett (69).

• Calivil bounced back from consecutive losses to defeat Raywood by 52 runs.

A knock of 55 from Matt Gilmore helped Calivil to 7-179, while Glen Wallis claimed 3-19 for Raywood.

Raywood was held to 7-127 in reply, with only captain Braden Latter (41 n.o.) making more than 20.

Phil Brown snared 3-26 off eight overs for Calivil.

• Goornong (9-100) defeated Dingee (90) by 10 runs.

Scott Lawry (4-19) and Nick Hobbs (3-12) combined for seven wickets for Dingee.

No Goornong details were supplied by deadline.

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Darcy’s dream

Darcy Tucker. Picture: GETTYNEWLY-drafted Wimmera footballer Darcy Tucker could well be on the path togreatness, after he was awarded with the guernsey number of retired Fremantle life member and star backman Luke McPharlin.
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McPharlin amassed256 games for the Dockers and wasAll-Australian in 2012.

If Tuckercan emulate the feats of the famous number-18, then he will have a long and fruitful career ahead of him.

Tucker joined theclub’s new recruits in meeting the playing groupon Thursday, before they were presented with their new jumper numbers alongside their parents on Saturday morning.

Fremantle has already likened Tucker’s donning of number 18 as replacing a legacy.

Tucker told the Fremantle website it was an honour to wear the number of such a distinguished player.

“I’m very stoked to have Luke McPharlin’s number.It’s a privilege to have the number of someone of that calibre,” he said.

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Mayor asks: Is flight path right path?

As the deadline for submissions on the proposed Badgerys Creekairport draws closer, Blue Mountains mayorMark Greenhill has made adirect appeal to the community via a video message.
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“The draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is supposed to look at potential impacts on the community and the environment. The problem is – it doesn’t,”said the mayor.

The Australian Government released the draft EIS for the proposed airport, together with a draft airport plan, in October. Both have been heavily criticised by western Sydney councilsand independent experts.

“The independent technical review, commissioned by 11 western Sydney councils, proved categorically that the draft EIS is not the rigorous and detailed EIS we were promised,”said the mayor.

“Instead, what we have is a half baked EIS, prepared in a rush that mainly looks at the first fiveyears of airport operation.

“How the community can be expected to make sense of a proposal that is deeply flawed and fails to meet itsown guidelinesis beyond me,”hesaid. “When you are faced with aeroplanes flying over people’s homes and a World Heritage Area 24 hours a day, it is reasonable to expect a thorough and detailed EIS and nothing less.”

The aim of the mayor’s video message is to informresidents of the proposal and the impacts on the community, environment and economy, and encourage people to make their views known.

“When fully operational this airport is projected to have more passenger movements than Dubai,”he said.

“Blue Mountains City Council, and others, has asked the Australian Government to allow more time for the community to respond to the draft EIS.

“It’s not good enough, and quite frankly, the Blue Mountains and western Sydney deserves better.”

Council will holdan extraordinary meeting onTuesday,December 15 at 7.30pm at the Community Hub in Springwood where it will consider its submission on the draft EIS. Before the meeting there will be a drop-in information stand from 4-7pm with council staff available to discuss theissuesand a submissionbooth for the community to make their own submissions.

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Mudgee Cup fall was ‘like a war zone’: Nestor to undergo shoulder surgery

RACINGDUBBO jockey Kody Nestor will undergo surgery this week on shoulder injuries suffered in Friday’s horrific fall in the Mudgee Gold Cup (1600m).
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The popular rider described the aftermath of the five-horse pile up as being “like a war zone” as riders and animals lay on the ground, but conceded things could have been a whole lot worse.

Nestor was riding Scottish Border for Hawkesbury trainer Garry Frazer. He was caught in the middle of the carnage that marred the $35,000 feature event, won by Garry McCarney’s gelding Fox Solid after just seven runners crossed the line.

Stewards have opened an inquiry into the fall but adjourned it in order to be able to take evidence from the riders involved.

Nestor suffered a dislocated and broken shoulder in the fall, which occurred when Devilgate Road (Aaron Bullock) appeared to clip the heels of the leader Lancelot, ridden by Anthony Cavallo.

It started a chain reaction where Scottish Border, Are You Sure (Jay Ford) and Goldstone (Glenn Lynch) all hit the turf.

Nestor was airlifted from the track to Orange hospital, and after being treated he returned home with wife Anna on Saturday afternoon.

“I’m bloody lucky. We all are really because it’s one of the worst falls I’ve seen, let alone been involved in,” he said yesterday.

Kody Nestor.

“I remember the whole thing and when I hit the deck I looked up and there were blokes on the ground and horses everywhere. It was terrible, it was like a war zone.

“I was following Mick Travers [All Sixes] and then I saw that first horse come down. Mick’s horse got over it but then mine couldn’t and I came down hard on my left shoulder and just rolled with it.

“Once things had settled a bit I got up and looked at my right arm and my legs and thought I was OK, but when I looked for my left I couldn’t see it because it was about three inches away from where it should have been.

“That’s when the pain kicked in and I laid back down and started swearing and carrying on. It was excruciating but everyone, from the stewards to the ambulance officers and nurses, were great, and they looked after me and gave me some pain drugs to make me as comfortable as possible.”

After a couple of nights with minimal sleep, Nestor will attempt to get to Sydney on either Monday or Wednesday in order to undergo surgery to repair the shoulder.

“I can’t lay down so Anna has propped me up on the couch, and I actually got a good couple of hours sleep while sitting up on Saturday night, but I got none on Friday,” he said.

“If I can fly on Monday I’ll try to get down there, otherwise it will be Wednesday, but I’m pretty keen to get the surgery done as soon as possible so I can start the rehab.

“I’ve watched the replay a couple of times and some people would probably be spooked off after a fall like that. I’d ride tomorrow if I could, so I’ll do everything I can to be back as soon as possible.

“Now that I’ve had a bit of time to sit back and think about it I’m just glad everyone is OK.

“I know Mark Milton lost his horse, which is terrible, but I just shake my head how that was all.”

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Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunionPhotos

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion | Photos Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.
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Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

Goulburn TAFE Children’s Centre reunion, Saturday December 5, 2015.

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Mortlake shakes up ladder

MORTLAKE Blue ended Terang Green’s unbeaten run and Koroit Blue knocked off top-placed Warrnambool Gold in an intriguing Western District Bowls Division round on Saturday.
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FOLLOW MY LEAD: Lawn Tennis Red skipper Ian Prout helped his rink to a strong win as the side settled for a draw against City Memorial Gold. Picture: Anthony Brady

Lowly pair City Memorial Gold and Lawn Tennis Red also played out a draw.

Mortlake Blue improved its win-loss record to 4-4 –it won three of its first four matches –after surprising the in-form Terang Green.

GALLANT: Terang Green skipper John Gherashe helped his rink to a win over Mortlake Blue but it was the host team which snared overall points. Picture: Vicky Hughson

Terang Green slipped from second spot on the ladder to fourth following the 89-84 defeat at Mortlake.

Koroit Blue, which has found its spark after a slow start to the season, jumped to third on the back of its 101-88 triumph over Warrnambool Gold.

The 2014-15 runner-up won two rinks –John Murnane defeated Glen McNaughton 33-15 and Brian Lenehan downed Paul O’Donnell 24-16.

A three-shot win over Port Fairy Red was enough to give perennial finalist City Memorial Red second spot with one round to play before the Christmas break.

Mortlake Blue skipper George Draffen said the side was rapt with its narrow win over Terang Green.

Rinks were split, ensuring the result went down-to-the-wire.

Don Grant (25-22) and Ian McDonald (32-12) were successful for Mortlake Blue, while John Gherashe (25-21) and Jamie Heffernan (25-11) saluted for Terang Green.

Draffen admitted he was outplayed by Heffernan.

But he said his teammates rallied. The final result came down to the final handful of ends.

“At afternoon tea my rink was 15 down and our other three rinks were up,” Draffen said.

“We were down by three or four shots overall.

“My job was to not get further behind, to get a few shots back.

“Ian’s rink got further and further ahead and they ended up winning by 20 and we lost by 14, so that (McDonald’s effort) covered us.”

Mortlake Blue is in the top-fourhunt, sitting sixth after eight rounds.

Draffen said it had experienced a tough draw to this point and had the potential to enter the finals mix, given the evenness of the competition.

“We haven’t played Warrnambool White, Lawn Tennis and Timboon and they are all sides below us on the ladder,” he said.

“We beat all of them last year so we give ourselves some chance.

“Realistically they are the games we have to win if we want to be any chance of playing finals.”

In other games, Dennington Red proved too strong for Warrnambool White, winning 95-78, and Warrnambool Blue trounced Timboon Gold 115-77.

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